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Account opening requests are only offered to gardening businesses with a valid address and a store. The applicant must complete the full form and return it to us. A representative will contact the applicant within a maximum period of 7 working days after receiving the application form. After the reviewing of the file, a representative will visit the facilities, if necessary, in order to confirm the information received. Note that there may be a delay depending on the region. Subsequently, the direction will make a decision on the application’s approval.


New customer orders must be paid in advance for a period determined by Bioflorall®. After that period, a line of credit and a term of 30 days net payment may be granted. An interest rate of 1% will be charged to the overdue account from the 45th day.


Free delivery with a minimun order BEFORE TAXES of:

  • 1500$ = Quebec and Ontario
  • 1750$ = Ontario remote area
  • 2500$ = Maritimes 
  • 4000$ = Newfoundland
  • 3000$ = Prince Edward Island
  • 2500$ = Prairies
  • 5000$ = British Columbia
  • 3500$ = Vancouver Region
  • 4500$ = Yukon and Northwest Territories

*NOT included in minimum order : Nutri-Mix, Hydroton, BCuzz.

Extra charges can be applied for :

  • Tailgate
  • Additional service such as : Appointment - Delivery inside the building - Second delivery - etc.

Deadline hours for same day shipment of goods
Monday to Thursday before 2:00 pm and Friday before 1:00 pm.